Victims News Online is the only platform of its kind for victims and their loved ones. From missing to murdered, assaults to exploitation, we are a voice for anyone who feels theirs is not being heard.

Erica Morse

Victims News Online is published several times per week online, by Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Erica Morse. Erica is a veteran journalist with over 20 years’ experience in covering breaking stories, crime news, and missing persons’ cases — both on the air, and in print.

Dual coverage of our missing persons’ cases and crime news may also be found via The Examiner, one of the leading online newspapers in the United States.

In February 2013, Maria Villafana joined Victims News Online as a staff writer and intern. Maria is a communications’ student at Moraine Valley Community College in Chicago, IL, and is very enthusiastic about joining our team. Maria has been a staff writer for Carl Sandburg High School’s, The Aquila, and Moraine Valley Community College’s The Glacier, and an editor for Carl Sandburg High School’s literary magazine, The Dark Side of the Moon. 

Our partners are the owners/leaders of various agencies whose focus is making a difference. With their support, we offer a variety of opportunities for families to seek coverage of their missing/murdered/exploited, while telling each story in a way that fairly represents the victims. We also offer updates from law enforcement agencies and organizations from around the U.S. and beyond, providing balanced coverage of personal stories, case updates from the investigators, as well as support/resources for those who need assistance.

We also feature coverage from CrimePAY$/Reward$TV.net, the leading site for rewards-based cases.

For continuing news briefs, you may follow us on FaceBook or Twitter.

For more information — or to have your voice heard — e-mail us at:  info@victimsnewsonline.com or victimsnewsonline@yahoo.com.

Our Partners:

Victims News Online subscribes to the Associated Press (AP)-style writing, and all press releases and alternate news updates are printed with the express consent of their respective sources.PRNewswire

Our primary partner for news and information is PR Newswire, a division of United Business Media. All photos are provided by an authorized representative on behalf of the victims and/or their families, and all photos of minors receive parent or law enforcement approval prior to publishing. All original articles on our site are copyrighted to the writer(s), and written permission is required for utilization of those pieces by for-profit news agencies/sites. For questions relating to an article or its usage rights, please contact us via e-mail at:  info@victimsnewsonline.com or victimsnewsonline@yahoo.com 


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