12 comments on “Facebook page claiming child abuse shut down

  1. One of your biggest problems with this story is using snopes and saying that they are the authority on anything. That in and of itself is a hoax. Snopes is the leading authority on BullS*** and lies, with 0 real investigating. Secondly, you speculate alot about whats going on yourself. Wait till you get an official story from the police, then write about it. This is part of whats wrong with the majority of the so called journalists today. And third, unless something actually happened to this man, then he is not a victim, so why is a website called victims news reporting on it? laughable at best. C’mon, if you ever plan to be taken seriously, then get serious.

    • It really seems odd to be so angry about a reporter actually confirming facts unless one has a personal issue w/the story itself. IMO this was simply a stunt to provide fodder for a network of fake profile pages. if there was a more malicious motive behind it (e.g. getting back at a spurned love interest) not only do I hope the police press charges, but the person(s) at the heart of this scam is pretty sad.

      More importantly where did the pictures come from and is the child okay? Are they old pictures? Those are the answers I would like to know. Thank you for covering the story, I hope it is resolved in the end with justice according to what the complete truth turns out to be.

      • Thank you. I am also seeking closure and the preferred outcome is that it was a hateful scam and no child was injured. I watch for that information to come out. It deeply affected me seeing such a photo and if a child is injured, I am praying the authorities find her and help her as well as arrest the one who subjected her to this abuse and lock them away. If this entire situation was fabricated, the ones behind it should certainly be prosecuted to the fullest extent and his name be cleared.

    • I live in Walker which is just outside of Baton Rouge and the Walker FB page confirmed he was arrested and will be brought back to Livingston Parish (parish Walker is in) bit because it’s an ongoing investigation, nothing else was reported citing it being an ongoing investigation. This is what the Walker PD FB page said about it because people were asking a lot of questions: “Many people have inquired about the content of a Facebook page created over the weekend alleging that a young child was the subject of an act of child abuse. The person who created the Facebook page, who is obviously neither the parent nor guardian of the alleged victim, included among the information posted the name and age of the alleged victim and photo’s that purport to show injuries to the alleged victim. In the Facebook post, readers are told that the Walker Police Department is working on the case. The Facebook post goes on to identify the alleged suspect, including the alleged suspect’s name, photograph, vehicle description, and possible location and/or destination. The Facebook posts ask that readers “Share” the Facebook postings and urge the public to help law enforcement to locate the alleged suspect. In another post, the Facebook page creator explains that the alleged suspect plans to surrender to authorities, and says that the Page creator has urged the mother of the alleged victim to “come here and answer everyone’s questions” (presumably on the Facebook page) and to provide other information including “contact info for the police and the police report number.”

      Understandably, the story has created concern among many who saw it. It has also prompted a significant number of inquiries to the Walker Police Department, both by telephone and through posts to our Facebook Page. Many such inquiries simply want to know if the information is true, while others want more details. At least one post expresses concern that the alleged suspect’s life is now in danger because of the people looking for the suspect.

      As many of you are aware, law enforcement agencies are prohibited from releasing the names of minor children who have been the subject of child abuse or any other crimes. Law enforcement agencies would certainly not publish photographs of an injured child. Ordinarily, when asked to comment about an incident in which a child has been injured, abused or is the victim of a crime, law enforcement agencies are able to acknowledge that an investigation is underway and explain that because the alleged victim is a minor, the child’s name and other personal information cannot be made public. In addition, details of such an alleged crime would not be released in order to avoid compromising the investigation.

      With respect to an incident like the one described on the referenced Facebook page, the extensive details, photographs and other information included on the Facebook page which purport to be true are such that any law enforcement agency handling such a case could not comment on such information, confirm than an investigation is underway or even acknowledge that such an incident has been alleged to have occurred. Such comments or acknowledgments could confirm all or a part of the information posted and thereby violate the protections afforded to minor children under the law. Equally problematic is the possibility that an investigation into such allegations could be compromised and the successful prosecution of an alleged suspect could be rendered difficult or impossible.

  2. The Facebook page with all info is still active – friends posted it in Michigan about 6:30 tonight. Would be nice to know if this is true so please keep on reporting what you find! Thank you.

  3. HERE IS AN UPDATE: Michelle Martin I shared the above link on the Walker Police Department FB page at https//www.facebook.com/Walker.Police and, of course, someone just HAD to comment about not being able to see anything regarding Mr. Edwards. The Walker Police Department then posted a brief statement: “Friends: On Monday of this week, following our investigation of child cruelty allegations, we obtained a warrant for the arrest of Dusty Wes Edwards (32) of Ferriday, Louisiana. At our request, Edwards was arrested this morning by the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Edwards will remain in jail until tomorrow, at which time Walker Police officers will take him into custody and return him to Livingston Parish, where he will be booked into the Livingston Parish Detention Center on charges of Second Degree Cruelty to a Juvenile. Thank you all for your comments and concerns over the last several days regarding this matter.”
    Praise the Lord!!! Keep the Faith, Jewel and Melanie Dennison!!!

  4. Perhaps you should place an “Update” at the top of this news article. It is misleading to leave it as-is.

    • Thank you for your suggestion. To add it to the headline would be to assume everyone has read the previous articles; but we will gladly place an editor’s note at the top of the article.

  5. I live in Arkansas and knew this man and cannot believe he would or could ever do such a thing. I pray that this was a hoax!

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