19 comments on “Louisiana Police respond to questions regarding legitimacy of child abuse claims

  1. Jesus, all of this drivel to say that the police department isn’t saying anything?! How about just a simple headline, “WALKER COUNTY POLICE CAN NEITHER CONFIRM NOR DENY AUTHENTICITY”?! Would that be so hard instead of reading through some thesaurus to figure out how many words you can use to simply say, “WE HAVE NO CLUE”?!

    • I do have a clue, as I’m the only reporter in the country who has bothered to tackle this situation, and have been working this non-stop for nearly 12 hours. However, utilizing the headline you suggested would have “assumed” that everyone has read the earlier article; since we don’t use assumptions in our reporting, I thought it best to go with a standard headline which is generally accepted by most readers who appreciate accuracy. My apologies if it was, somehow “confusing” for you to comprehend.

      • I have been doing research for two days on this the facts I have found so far are when Dustys name is put in a search not one real story comes up Personally I think Walker pd never head of this case till it was on facebook and so many inquired about it they needed to put the post up (I think if it was real the Walker pd page would of had a wanted for child abuse pic of the man not the child etc) The original woman that posted I went to her page went through her pics that child was not there . . I can go on and on been posting your page alot and the safe op one whos name is on the latest pic being shared yet they did not do the pic (info here ) http://www.facebook.com/Anonymous.Op.SafeKids

      • First off, the person has been arrested in Concordia parish and is being transferred to Livingston Parish jail (Walker is in Livingston Parish and I live in Walker). There is an investigation but no info can be released which is normal. And Walker is a town in a PARISH named Livingston. We do not have counties in Louisiana. The page was probably removed not because it’s a hoax but because it violated so many FB terms of service and so many complained, In my experience, it takes an act of Congress to get FB to respond to just a few reports of violations on a page but apparently, they had so many they really did investigate this one. So this is NOT a hoax. Whether it’s true or not remains to be seen since the police can’t comment on an ongoing investigation but they had enough to arrest him.

    • Theres also a Dustin Carr who’s on her friends list. His timeline picture is of the little girl on her bike smelling flowers. But the only people on his friends list are Melanie & her relatives.

    • Thank you, Marc. We have to first confirm that the child belongs to Melanie before running with that information. The statement by the police last night asserted that “neither parent” started the Facebook page, so we’re being extra careful in terms of assigning “presumptive parentage” to this child. We appreciate your assistance; definitely let us know if you see anything else that could help!

    • What if this child was in a bike accident? What if this child was abused, but not by the person named? Do you feel comfortable spreading something heinous but false on a person? How would you feel if somebody killed or hurt this alleged abuser?

      • Mark — as a news outlet for victims and their families, that is precisely what we do — report. Our information is always verified and fact-checked thoroughly prior to moving forward with any story. That page was growing by the hour and no other media outlet chose to address the situation. We spoke with police departments from the local level to the regional/state level, and our articles actually helped resolve the questions concerning the situation’s validity, and led to an arrest.

      • I never said the guy did it. But that childs picture shows abuse,not injuries from a bicycle. I’ve seen this kind of thing before. If you really lok at the photos you can see it for yourself. Beating was done with a belt buckle.

      • I would feel alot worse if I said nothing and this child was killed and so would you.

  2. If the police are refusing to answer questions based on child privacy laws, it seems pretty clear there really is a case. If there weren’t a case, they would have said so without compromising the child’s privacy.

    • None yet that we are able to confirm. We were told yesterday that the man at the center of this may have met with police to clear his name, but that is unconfirmed at this time. We have extended the invitation to him to come forward, and hope that will be accepted. We are doing our best to provide something updated, but due to the confusion surrounding this, everything must be first carefully confirmed. Thanks!

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