8 comments on “Opinion: Dauben’s ‘reign of terror’ has ended; can the victims begin to heal?

  1. Take this off your article before you’re forced to. You had no permission to write about it, names or no names.

    “Two of Dauben’s additional victims are the parents of a missing child. A couple years ago, Dauben decided he would “prove beyond a doubt” who abducted and took their daughter, yet proof had nothing to do with it. Dauben tried like mad to force theory after theory down the throats of these parents, despite continuous requests for him to leave them alone. It wasn’t until a representative of a police department contacted Dauben — ordering him to cease contact with this family — that he finally moved onto other victims. For as Dauben’s victims know — and know well — once his focus shifts elsewhere, a new victim will soon emerge.”

    • Forced to by whom? If you don’t want someone to use the information, perhaps you should have kept it to yourself. No judge in the world is going to penalize a reporter for verifying facts and utilizing them in an OPINION piece. And unlike you, I didn’t use names.

      It’s been removed because the fight isn’t worth it. Your bullying won’t change the facts; what you’re upset about is that you blabbed about this situation, and someone verified and then utilized the information. That’s on you – not me.

    • I’ve been told the bulk of his websites have been eliminated from the Internet, thankfully. However, if you are so inclined, you might be able to track down an archived version through Google.

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